1. What kind of camera do you shoot with? How often do you take pictures? What do you take pictures of?
I shoot with a Canon 5d Mark II and a Canon s90. I would say I shoot with the s90 almost everyday and I shoot with the DSLR when I go places to specifically shoot. I take picture of things that catch my eye but mostly of people, they are the most interesting to me.

2. If money were no object what kind of camera(s) would you have? Why? Would it change your relationship to photography? If so, how?
I would use a Leica m7 for film.. I love how subtle it is and it takes stunning photographs. As far as digital goes I am in love with my camera already but if I could buy another it would probably be a Mamiya with a digital back on it. If only, if only.

3. Have you ever used a film camera? If so what kind? What do you think the main differences are? Do you think you take different pictures with different cameras?
I have shot with a Nikon F film camera and have played around with a Rolleicord. I would really love to use my medium format more. The main differences of film compared to digital is not only the process but the end result. FIlm is so much more hands on; loading the film, shooting, developing, cutting negatives, organizing, printing elbows deep in chemicals. Digital is not nearly as hands on and the end result is not the same. I think it is hard to explain for a lot of people exactly what the difference are in the end result but anyone who has shot with film can tell. If you click here you can see an example of a shoot done with film and digital for the sake of comparing the two that I found on google. It really is a preference thing.

4. Do you know the menu on your digital camera thoroughly? If not, open the manual and teach yourself 4 new things about your camera. List them here.
I do know my menu very well. It was tricky switching from Nikon to Canon though… everything is in a different spot! Still getting used to it.


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