24 hour project

Week 3 Questions:
1. How was the 24 hour project? What did you discover? What did you discover looking at your images all together? Did you enjoy it?
The 24 hour project was fun to do. I discovered that I look at a lot of art and photography. I enjoyed documenting what imagery I look at everyday. For the most part it is very calm and I found that I didn’t see any violence or anything vulgar within my 24 hour span, I think this has to do with where I photographed. I photographed at home, work, and school. All family friendly places as far as imagery goes. Below was my favorite image, the first taken, of a Rodney Roscona printout taped to the wall with as much importance as my bosses daughter Emma’s doodles. Her doodles litter the walls in his office and I love looking at them and I love that this is in the middle of them. It is a fairly depressing photograph but Emma is too young to know or care and taped it up with her doodles.

2. Briefly discuss the ways in which the design of cameras has affected who uses them.
The portableness of cameras today is very convenient for consumers. If there were no advances in the photographic process/camera then it would still be limited to the privileged few who could afford to spend money on complicated toxic materials and heavy view cameras. Since the range of camera sizes and the range of camera qualities varies the operators also varies. There are small user friendly point and shoots for the weekend shooter as well as fully manual complicated cameras (complicated depending on who you ask) for the professionals.

3. What do you think are the most significant differences between film photography and digital photography? Support your choices.
The look of the final print is ultimately what is different (the process is a huge difference as well). How the light is translated is what I think mainly looks different. Negative vs. sensor. It is really all up to the photographer and which one is right for their specific work. Below is an example of film vs. digital (from the internet). I think the colors have much more range naturally on the film image (left) then they do on the digital image (right). But, the color can be altered in photoshop on either, so does it really matter? Some would argue absolutely, some would argue no.

4. Do you personally shoot film? Have you ever? If so how did/does your experience with film differ from you experience with digital?
I currently do not shoot film. I have shot both 35mm and 120mm film and enjoyed both thoroughly. I find it more accessible to shoot with digital but I still am drawn to the quality film has and its ability to capture light so beautifully.

5. Choose one of the links below, read the article and discuss why (or why not) you find it relevant to this weeks class.
This is relevant to this weeks class be cause it shows the rapid development in photography as a medium.


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