Week 4 Questions:
1. Write a few descriptive and analytical sentences about each presentation. Here are some suggestions as to some questions you might want to address (?). List one thing you noticed while looking at these images.
Group 1- Colin- Digital design vs. photographic imagery, Group 2- Amanda- Blurry photos of advertisements, images accompanied by graphic text, Group 3- (Name?)- Day in the life style images, Group 4- Charmaine- Like flipping through a magazine, a lot of young females in advertisements, Group 5- Ashley- Working at Starbucks, Group 6- Garrett- Library and baseball game, Group 7- (Name?)- Classwork, Group 8- Amy- employee at an ad agency, used to seeing a lot of ads and more conscious of it, Group 9- Meredith- Actively searching on google, Group 10- Treye- Working at Target and getting in trouble, Group 11- Christine- Photos of food and working out.
Overall I thought it was interesting how they were mainly all advertisements. As a photographer it is shocking to see the medium is used in this may so frequently. It kind of makes me sad.

2. Discuss the overall impression you get after watching these presentations. Do you feel overwhelmed? Talk about the differences between the ways in which people addressed the assignment.
I was completely overwhelmed with all of the photos people took. I could hardly stand looking all the blurry, cropped off, enormous images on the large projector in class. Some of them were very fun to look at though. I love seeing peoples family photos and google searches but all the advertisements made me throw up in my mouth. I think the differences in how people approached the assignment was in where they went during their 24 hour period. Personally, I enjoyed when people were at home, I feel like I had more of a clue what they were like (…if it is possible to define someone by what they see as Betsy discussed in class).

3. Talk about the way you approached the assignment and how it was similar/different from others. What was the effect on you of creating the assignment and observing others?
At first I made the mistake of photographing every image I saw and then later realized I was only supposed to be photographing photographic images. The difference of my approach and others is I kind of played it safe. I would never take the chance photographing at work. I work for an art installation company and people would be very upset if I went in their home and started photographing their art collections. My boss would also never allow it because some of our clients are very private people. Although I did start at work it was after I knew I wouldn’t be out install, so I have some office shots. I was glad to see Treye rebelling against his employer, I guess I was living vicariously through him in a way.


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