Week 5 Questions:
1. War Photography. Do you read the news? Do you look for photos? Were the photos from the past 10 years familiar to you? The past 20? The past 100? How do you get you visual information about current wars? Do you pay attention?
I listen to NPR probably about 4 times a week. Surprisingly, I do not see a lot of news photos. I do not watch TV and barely ever get on http://www.bbc.co.uk/ or CNN.com to see a story I want to know more about (which in that case I’m normally searching for imagery as well).  The photo’s were all familiar to me, except the one of Abu Ghaaib photographs I have never seen and they make me sick. I hate seeing people being terrible to each other and thinking they are justified in their actions. I would say I do pay attention, NPR keeps me in the loop.

2. Do a Google Image Search for Abu Ghaaib. Comment on the kinds of images–both real and parody– that you see. Describe them. Choose one that you find particularly interesting/powerful/upsetting and explain why you chose that one.
I think this image is the most disturbing and really quite interesting. When this was shown in class and talked about it made it even more complex. The physcological battle this girl had and the actual image are so different. When I see the google images I can tell these people were condemned for their behavior but the fact that before the photographs they weren’t upsets me the most. Without these photographs this place would still be functioning in this terrible way. Makes you think. And the you see the mockeries and it is so bizarre how people try and reenact these kinds of things.

3. Choose one of the artist mentioned in class this week and explore his/her work in some depth. Give a brief analysis of his/her work.
I think that Robert Capa’s image of the moment of death is fascinating. Robert Capa was one of the founders of the Magnum Photographers. The Magnum photographers were a group of photographers that formed the first photographic cooperative.

4.Choose one of the links below and read it and comment.


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