Week 6 Questions:
1. Choose five words and do you own Google Internet search. Can you predict what kinds of images come up? What kinds of images tend to dominate each word? How do you think the words relate to the images? What are some of the more absurd connections?
Photograph– Surprisingly a lot of black and white images have pop up. I expected more people holding physical photographs, but instead there are just a lot of random pictures. There are some classic photographs which I kind of expected.
Bed– These were images I mostly expected. There were a lot of advertisement shots of beds. The cooler ones though were the ones with the unique designs. What I didn’t expect were the pictures of bed bugs… ew.
Phone– More product photographs. I didn’t expect all of the cartoons of people on the phone.
Happy- Whoa totally not what I expected. I thought it would be a bunch of people smiling fakely at the camera, but instead it was a lot of yellow smiley cartoon icons. Ahhhhh creepy…..
Heart– Predicable. A lot of pictures of drawn hearts and some animations of real hearts.

2. Do a Google image search using an image–perhaps an image of yourself? Describe what happens. In what ways are the results similar to the image you searched? In what ways are they different? What do you think the engine is programmed to recognize?
I think the program is definitely looking for similar color scheme and compositions. I had no clue you could do this and I think it is amazing! I could probably sit on here all day and do that!

3. Write about how your group is functioning –If you don’t feel comfortable posting this, please email these messages directly to Lara AND myself. Let us know whether you meet regularly and whether you are working together well. If not, what could we do to help.
My group is awesome and productive! 😉


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