Week 7 Questions:
1) What do you see as the societal advantages of digital creation and dissemination of images? What do you see as disadvantages? (List three each):

2) What do you see personally as advantages/disadvantages? (Consider things like your personal, familial, social and artistic practices):

3) How do you personally use the internet to disseminate your imagery? Describe the function it server for you–personal, artistic–List all ways (Facebook, webpages, email):

4) Consider and discuss your idea of the meaning of “aura”– re-read Benjamin if necessary. Are objects imbued with value–Do you value objects for qualities beyond their more immediate function?

5) Find at least 3 Art Photography Blogs and evaluate their quality:
This one is not entirely photography based but I enjoy looking at it from time to time. I think their is a nice variety and they always give a brief description of the artist or work and link you to their personal page.
This is a mix between a blog that is trying to show artists work and show funny things they found surfing the web. Also really random pictures of cats…. awkward..

I just found this one. I like it a lot. I enjoy when these people do their homework and there is clear variety. When I photoblog has a certain style they like and they only post things that fall into that category it is dull.

6) Write on two of the four artists discussed in class today. Write your reaction to their work, their process and your critical analysis of their work:

Elijah Gowin- I don’t have a problem with the fact that he appropriates images in some of his bodies of work but out of all the images this was the only one worth looking at in my opinion..

Doug Rikard – I feel the opposite about Doug Rikard. I think the images are nice to look. But I think the voyeurism is so far disconnected from the people he is spying on I do not quite understand.


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