Week 8 Question:
1) What are the things that you think are working well about this class, in general? For you specifically?  What would you like to see addressed that hasn’t been addressed?
I think what is working well about this class is that there are so many relevant examples shown. Since the internet seems to be infinite and full of information, we would like to think anyways, it only seems appropriate that the tool be used to demonstrate its own capability. I enjoy the assignments that are given as well. They allow us to practice first hand what we learn in class. For example Lara showed the class various examples of different photography books and then we were assigned to go make one of our own. I have always been of fan of hands on learning.

2) There will be two more assignments until your final project. Begin now to brainstorm ways in which you might approach the final project. What is interesting to you? Consider the artists we have seen and the concepts we have touched on. Would you like to create an object? An experience? A portfolio of images? Or would you prefer to set up a website or write a paper? You do not need to decide for several weeks, but begin to brainstorm here.
I love the idea of a photobook. I am sure I will do an additional one for the final project. I love books in general and especially photobooks. I want to be able to hold my creation in my hand.

3) Post 3 pictures. Any pictures from anywhere. Tell us why you chose them.

Alfred Stieglitz
The Steerage, 1907
This photograph changed my entire way of seeing photography (I mean, yeah, it change almost everyone else’s in the 20th century too but this is about me :p ) The first time I saw this photograph was in Understanding Photographs class. When I took this class with Bill Jenkins in the beginning I was absolutely in awe with what I had been taught and asked to think about and the wheels have been turning ever since.

I chose this because I think it is a stunning photograph by Robert Frank (top). Also when I saw our professor Betsy Schneider’s work (bottom) for the first time I thought of this photograph.

I chose two photographs by William Eggleston. I love his photographs.


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