Week 9 Questions:
1. Respond to Mike McLeod’s Lecture. Please write a paragraph summarizing what he discussed in his lecture. Write a second paragraph responding to what you heard and how it might or might not relate to ideas you might have for creating image based work.
Mike McLeod’s work is quite interesting to me. I think he is successful in portraying his ideas about the internet and how it relates to people and the connection that are made over the internet. Of course, the images and work is much more complex than that but it raises very interesting questions. I like that his three bodies of work are all so different but relate so strongly to his overall ideas about connections people make.
I appreciate any artist who can visually articulate their ideas. It is a strength that some artist lack. I am currently struggling with that in my own work but am trying to move last it. He is an example of someone who does it well and I am glad that he shared his work, ideas, and process with us in class.
2. Do an image search for “family photography” –put in a modifier of your choice. Comment on what comes up first, then follow links. Find and post to your blog the 5 most interesting images you came across.

“Dysfunctional Family Photography” is what I typed in.
3. Attitudes towards family photography– that of others and how you consume it. What is your opinion. When if ever do you enjoy looking at family photography of others. What is the context and the form? When do you find it unappealing? Talk about the form, content and function of these images.
My attitude towards family photography is that it has the ability to transform past its original function. There are old photographs of my sisters and I when I was growing up that I love looking at not only because of the bazaarness of seeing your family in a different time and space but because of them are actually beautiful photographs. They were taken to capture the family in a way but they turn into more than that. I loose interesting in family picture that everyone is looking at the camera and smiling.
Here are some of my own personal family photos that I find fun to look at.

4. What do you think the function of family photography is in general?
It depends on the family I suppose. Or the photographer.
5. How does digital dissemination of family photographs change the way they function? Does this present any problems that you can see? Do you have personal or political concerns?
I think it is scary that images of your family can be found when someone types “dysfunctional family photography” into google, like I have above. Once it is on the internet it is out of your hands.


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