Week 10 Questions:
1. Comment on Stephen Marc’s Lecture. Please write a paragraph summarizing what Stephen Marc discussed in his lecture. Write a second paragraph responding to what you heard and how it might or might not relate to ideas you might have for creating image based work?
Unfortunately I coughed through Stephen’s lecture and was hacking up a lung in the hallway but I have had the pleasure of seeing much of his work before. I love how he is so passionate about his work and how he is interested in every single little detail (which he loves to talk about). The work is so historically based that it is hard sometimes to know exactly what every little thing means with out his explanation but I think once you understand it, it is very rewarding to look at and think about.

2. What is family tradition with photography? What did you parents do when you were small? How were photos made, collected, disseminated, shared? How was it when you parents were children?
I have barely images from my childhood. It is quite frustrating. I could not imagine not trying to capture every little sneeze or movement (alright I’m exaggerating) on camera. I think the photos were kind of put aside and forgotten about. The only photographs of my mom when she was a kid I have seen are the ones she owns, which is not very many.
3. Was photography valued in your family? Who took most control over it? What do you think his/her main concerns were with the family photography?
No one in my family valued photography as far as I know. No one took the initiative to capture us girls growing up. It is a real downer.
4. How do you feel about your old family photography?
Explained above.
5. What does your family do now? How has this changed since you were small? Since your parents were small?
Everyone depends on me to take pictures of everything. My mom does have a camera now that she probably takes out every 5 months or so. I guess for good reason, because I am always taking picture of as much as I can.


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