Week 11 Questions:
1. What are your thoughts regarding children privacy on the internet?
This is a tricky topic. I do not think people should post pictures of their children naked on the internet without some serious thought. I can only talk from my personal bias but if I was a parent I wouldn’t post pictures of my children naked on facebook or any other thing of that nature but if I was a photographer and my work had picture of my children naked in it I would post it on my personal website. I think also that it depends on the picture and the intended audience.
2. Sexuality on the internet. Do you think more access to sexualized images promotes more sex and or a less healthy attitude towards sex? Towards each other and other things?
I think Michael McLoad hit the nail on the head when he said that it is not sexuality on the internet that is perverted but it is our societal reaction to sex on the internet that is perverted. Sexuality is a normal part of life and it exist strangely on the internet. I do not think it is a healthy representation of sexuality. I think the discussion in class was interesting when we started to discuss how porn lower sex drive and things like that. That alone raises some questions in my mind.
3. Thoroughly read at least one article mentioned in class on Tuesday.
4. Do you think people’s fears about teenagers and the internet are well-founded? What do you think the dangers are of how we use images on the internet? What are the good aspects? How did you use pictures on the internet as a teenager, did it change as you got older? Do you think the internet is an easy place for bullying?
I think they are well-founded but the issue is so complex that it it is hard to say. I think the internet is very easy place to bully. People say things online they would neeeeeeeeeeever say in real life. I agree with the analogy Betsy used in class about being in your car and telling someone to get the hell out of your way verse walking down the street and never even thinking to say something cruel like that.
5. What are the ways in which technology could make it easier to hurt other people? Do you think this results in more bullying? Or is it just taking another form?
I think the obvious disconnection with another physical person makes it easier for people to hurt other people.
6. How much do you use picture messaging? And what do you use it for?
I only use picture messaging for taking and receiving picture of my adorable niece Jouet 🙂


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