Week 13 Questions:
1. Review Kirstin Van Cleef’s presentation as you have with the three previous lectures. Do you think it will help your group in planning and designing your Public Art / Large Art project?
Kristin talked about her position at Scottsdale Public Art. She is a project manager and mainly acts as a middle man for the organization and the artist. I enjoyed learning about the INFLUX project in more depth and I think it was very helpful in relationship to our public art assignment. The piece below is called Bear With Us by Tara Logsdon.
2. What do you think the function(s) of public art are? List some public art you have experienced.
I think the function of public art is to bring the community a sense of culture and I think it enriches the community as well. I haven’t experienced many temporary public art projects, at least not ones I have been aware of. I worked at the ASU Art Museum when they were partnering with artist to fill the storefronts and local businesses on Mill Ave.
3. Read “Is Google Making Us Stupid” by Nicholas Carr in the Atlantic Magazine. Comment. Be, as the author asks, “skeptical of his skepticism” – but also, is there any truth to this? Do you find yourself affected differently by different ways of finding information?
The internet is making us stupid. I could barely read that article because it was so long.. which ironically is what it discusses. We do live in I want it now culture and the internet keeps up with us. It is easy to decide quickly that one site doesn’t have what you are looking for and move on to the next.
4. Write a short essay question that could be on the final exam.
Please discuss the differences between photography blogs/websites and photography books.


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