Week 15 Questions:

I made a handmade book that included photographs from my mother’s archive. This is what I wrote about it in the opening:
I want to remember you is an arrangement of photographs that have, until now, coexisted with the portraits of my family members in my mother’s closet. The piles of photographs that my mother has collected of generations of our family history have been plastic wrapped and stuffed away for safekeeping. I unburied them and what I found throughout the huge piles of photographs of cute babies, smiling siblings and group family pictures, were images that showed the things that were considered equally as dear as the people – a teddy bear collection, a rose garden, a Christmas tree. Although the photographs in this series might not ever make it into the family photo album along side Grandpa Angelo, Uncle Marc or anyone for that matter, they are revealing appreciations toward the mundane and simple things in life worth remembering.”

I was actually very please with this book. The only thing I needed to work on was the sequence. It was hard to sequence so many pictures that were so incredibly different from eachother. My favorite part about this project was developing the sequences and making relationships.

I learned through making this assignment that is is quite possible to make books of your very own for about 4 dollars. Incredible.


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