Book Fair:
3 books from class today-
Silent Eyes by Daria Clarkson-
I loved how big they were and I think the sequencing was nice. The images are fun to look at and looking at them in book form is even more.
Name??? by Kelly McNutt-
I like the handmade book that Kelly made. The images in the book were far more important then the book itself though, they were very nice to loo
Name??? by Meredith Minne
I liked looking at Meredith’s book. I like the subtle quiet pictures.

A paragraph on one appropriated book-
One of the books (I cant remember by who!) was about the images found with the word strange. The title was really tiny and terribly hard to read. The images in the book are upside down and really disorienting. It was awesome because it plays of the word strange.


Assignment 8
Finding Good Photobooks, Photos and Artists

This book is very personal and I love it for that. I enjoy looking at it. Some of the images are very nice but some are not but I still enjoyed the book thoroughly.


This book is beautiful.