Week 14 Questions:
1. Choose one Family Assignment presentation/project from each group and write a brief summary 2-3 sentences describing the work.

Group 6: Garrett used Google street view to capture families out on the street. Very very successful. I love the “imagined relationship” aspect of the project. I’d buy that book! He made nice selections.

Group 5: Tenneille had the most original idea in her group. She made portraits using objects that were similar in color and sometimes shape to recreate the portraits in a different way. The images could have been better crafted but I liked the idea, I thought it was very creative.

Group 4: My group! Charmaine did a comparison of her and her sister being raised compared to her mom and sister (if I remember correctly) being raised by their grandparents. I enjoyed the comparisons.

Group 3: Kelly showed the idea for her book. She planned to manipulate an actual printed book. The idea explore the difference between digital relationships and actual intimacy.

Group 2: Nicole did a piece were she overlayed several photos over a portrait of her grandparents. I like the idea because the two people were responsible for creating so much life. The only way it could have been a successful piece of art is if it was printed quite large, I think.

Group 11: Kristy made a pop up book with photographs and showed the patterns that were repeated within the photos from Halloween throughout the years. I actually thought this was very entertaining and I enjoyed looking at it. The photos she used were from 1986-2003 and I liked the range and the growth of the children.

Group 10: Jannelle made a cute book about her family and it was guide about how to act and perceive them. It was cute but it looked like something you’d make for scrapbooking class.

Group 9: Meredith had a great project that I was very impressed with. She made plaster pillows for her photographs to sit in and there were 3 photographs of her family. They were very beautiful objects and I appreciated the time she spent on them in comparison to some of the other peoples work in class.

Group 8: Ryan had a great project that included several composites of his friends. The idea behind the composites were also quite interesting. He explained to us that he had an identical twin that died at birth and that he enjoyed seeing himself twice in one frame because it is what it would be like if his twin hadn’t died. It was actually quite a great manifestation of the family project and I wish that he was taking Stephen Marc’s digital composting class.

2. Choose one person’s assignment that you believe to be particularly strong and write an in-depth critique of it (2-3 paragraphs).

I enjoyed Garretts Blurb book very much. As I said above Garrett used Google street view to capture families out on the street. Very, very successful. I love the “imagined relationship” aspect of the project. Even if two people were walking together and you were not sure if they were actually related the family relationship is implied and I love that. The choices of images were also very nice. They were carefully chosen and kept you interested in the book.